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Morrigan Mayfair


My Poems


I once had desire,
A man who treated me right,
He was my love and I his rose,
And we never had a fight.
So I married that man,
The one who treated me right,
The one who brought me roses,
Who stayed in the night.
We carried out our simple years,
But no more roses did he bring,
The only roses he gives me now,
Are purple on my skin.
Roses that go around me eyes,
That hurt more then the thorns,
So no more of my desire,
To that man my life had torn.
But no more roses hurt me,
They lay down on my chest,
The man who gave me roses,
Has layed me down to rest.





Flames flicker like our lives,

The rain drops with out tears,

The earth grows with our bravery,

And the clouds roll like our fears.

The light ignites our fantasies,

Whilst the dark swallows them whole,

And the trees whisper our secrets,

Secrets we have never told.

The sun guards our lives our world,

The moon is our eyes,

The stars are merely living homes,

And our path is but the sky.

The flowers are our faces,

Smiling in the light,

The oceans but our feelings,

Growing stronger with each night.

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