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Morrigan Mayfair

In the Begining

Hi to Everyone.
Anyways, this is my site welcome. Have a look around, a gander even. Hope you find something useful. This really is a working progress. Mainly whenever I can be bothered to do something new.
Well all Poetry on this site was written by yours truely, and yeh. Thanks
Love you all

My Pentagram

'Her Soul'
A single breath can say it all,
As no one answers his silent call.
Like each star fall a light goes out,
A light in a mind full of doubt.
No love has his closed heart felt,
And no one knows how he felt.
A raging battle fights inside,
As it goes more of him dies.
One single person stands in front,
Who stands before his sword not blunt.
A single hand has reached out,
Knowing she can not live without.
His silent call and closed heart,
A love so strong he is her start.
Even though he feels not the same,
never will she forget his name.
She hopes he knows that he's her whole,
And knows he will always have her soul.

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